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Operation Procedure of Service

    Solution of Corporate Training

    As the preferred Chinese training partner to over 100 international corporations nationwide, Smile Chinese is unique in having a dedicated VIP department that works directly with your team and able to organise Orientation Briefings and Cultural Workshops, implement company-specific training directives and of course design Language Training Programs for both your company and each individual employee.


We follow the training process that consists of 6 steps.


Distribution Of Student's Position By Former Co-operation Companies


Distribution Of Former Co-operation Companies By Industry



To discuss solutions for your company, Request a Training Proposal or arrange a meeting with our VIP Department, 

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Culture Essence

  • Spring Festival

    Jul 06, 2016

    Spring Festivalis the most important festival in China lasting more than 4000 years.The celebration traditionally runs from the first day of first month to the f

  • Lantern Festival

    Jul 06, 2016

    Lantern Festivalis one of the Chinese traditional festivals on the fifteenth day of first month in Chinese lunar calender.In China,the first lunar month is calle

  • Qing Ming Festival

    Jul 06, 2016

    Qing Ming Festival(清明节) ,one of the 24 seasonal division points in China, falling on April 4-6 each year.After the festival, the temperature will rise up a

  • Dragon Boat Festival

    Jul 06, 2016

    Dragon Boat Festivalas a traditional Chinese festival,has been declared a “world intangible heritage”.It’s celebrated on fifth day of fifth month in Chines

  • QiXi Festival

    Jul 06, 2016

    QiXi Festivalon the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, is a traditional festival full of romance.There is a beautiful love story passed down from generation to gene

  • Mid-Autumn Festival

    Jul 06, 2016

    Mid-Autumn Festivalfalls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar monthin Chinese lunarcalendar,which is the second most important festival. It is said that Chang E is l

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