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Accommodation Options


If you need a place to stay while you're studying with us, we can help you find the right accommodation for you.
We offer homestay for those who want a full immersive Chinese language experience, as well as range of different hotel options to suit every budget. We recommend that if you are planning on staying in Beijing less than 4 weeks you opt for hotel accommodation. Whether you're travelling alone or with friends, we have something for you!

Single Room in Shared Apartment

This single room in a shared apartment is a great affordable choice for language learners! At home you can relax in a clean and calming environment. The neutral tones and comfortable furnishings, will entice you to put your feet up and take it all in after a fun-filled day spent exploring the city and learning Mandarin! This Western-style apartment has everything you could need to compliment your stay; a work desk to review your new Chinese, a TV to relax with and a kitchenette to make your favourite foods from home. Find your home from home in this DaLian-based apartment!


If you arrange a homestay through Smile Chinese, you’re guaranteed to have the experience you’re looking for. Not only will you be learning Mandarin at our school with the most effective system and most wonderful teachers you can find in China, when you get home you’ll have even more opportunity to practice your Chinese! We’ll try our hardest to find the perfect fit for you and, if you’re unsatisfied with the result, we’ll do everything we can to make sure your stay meets your expectations. In addition, you’ll have breakfast and dinner with your family every day, included in the cost of the homestay.

Private Studio Apartment

The Private Studio Apartments we provide in DaLian are sure to make you feel totally comfortable at the end of a day studying Mandarin. With the Studio Room, you get a large comfy bed to rest on, a work desk to review your new Chinese, a TV to relax with and a kitchenette to make your favourite foods from home. Located close to our school, the Private Studio Room will be your home away from home in DaLian.

One Bedroom Suite

You won’t find a more comfortable way to relax at the end of a day studying Mandarin than returning to your One Bedroom Suite! With a big comfy bed, a spacious living room, a full kitchen for you to cook your home town favourites in and a modern, clean bathroom; your stay in DaLian will be like experiencing a home away from home.

Two Bedroom Suite

If you’re coming with friends or family, why not stay in a Two Bedroom Suite? Like our One Bedroom Suites, the Two Bedroom Suite features a full kitchen with all the required amenities for you to make all your favourite dishes from home. With two private bedrooms and two comfy beds, you’ll be sure to be totally comfortable when you return home after a day of Mandarin study. You can relax with the TV, or you can head down to the Fitness Centre and work out! Review your Chinese with the free WIFI or just relax with a book next to the window as you look out on the exciting city of DaLian.


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Check our main courses and coachings

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