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Pre-trip Assistance




If you are not currently a resident of China and do not have a valid Chinese visa, your passport requires at least 6 months of validity left on it, as well as 6 free pages, for you to apply for a visa for China.



All visa types are valid for study in China. If you do not currently hold a Chinese visa, we can assist you in applying for a valid visa. We can help you to apply for a tourist L visa, as well as give advice on the application process and how to fill in the application forms. For study periods of longer than 3 months, we can help you to apply for an X2 short-term study visa. There will be an extra fee involved. Contact us for more information.





We require all our students to obtain valid travel and health insurance before studying with us. You can buy travel insurance online before you arrive. Make sure you send over your insurance details to us so that, if medical attention is required, we can inform the hospital of insurance coverage.


It is advised that, if you take a prescription, you bring enough medicine with you from your home country. Medicines can be expensive in China and some may be unavailable in Chinese pharmacies or from Chinese hospitals.

If you do become ill during your time with Smile Chinese, let us know as soon as possible and we can help you to get the medication you need. If you need to see a doctor and receive medical treatment, we will send a representative with you to the hospital to make sure that you are well looked after and are getting all the help you require.

If you do have any pre-diagnosed medical conditions that may affect your time in China e.g. allergies; kindly contact us before your arrival to let us know.


We advise that you check with your doctor before travelling whether they recommend you to get any vaccines. Be aware that some vaccination courses can take several months, so make sure you contact your doctor far enough in advance of your arrival date to complete all vaccination courses.

Emergency Protocol

In the unlikely case of an emergency – natural disaster, pandemic, social unrest etc. - That’s Mandarin has an emergency protocol in place to make sure everyone is kept safe.

Should any unforeseen event occur, all students and parents will be contacted. We will follow the advice issued by the Chinese government and students’ own embassies within the country.



How much is enough?

How much money you should bring with you depends on the kind of lifestyle you want to have. To be able to live comfortably, see all the sights and do a bit of travelling outside of your chosen city; we recommend you budget around 5000 CNY per month (not including accommodation costs).




Train tickets in China are easy to buy and you can travel to just about anywhere. If you are planning on travelling anywhere by train while you are in China, we can help you to buy train tickets and give you advice on travelling by train.

For booking travel and hotels within China, we recommend you to visit ctrip.com.



Most major airlines fly to China and you can find flights and compare deals online. For flights to Dalian, you can land at Zhoushuizi International Airport.


Make sure you inform us of your flight number, arrival time and arrival terminal before you are due to land in China so we can make sure a member of staff is at the airport to meet you. If you experience delays or flight cancellations, get in touch with us as soon as possible. You can contact us via telephone, email or Wechat.

Colorful Courses in Smile Chinese

Business Communication in China

Experiencing Chinese(60~80 class hours) is designed to complete ab...

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Reading Newspaper and Learning Chinese

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Traveling in China

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Living in China

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HSK Exams

All the materials for this course are created and edited by our te...

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Our cultural program is specially designed for those who have grea...

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Intermediate course (Accelerate Ⅰ Ⅱ)

This textbook is designed mainly for training ability of verbal ex...

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Advanced Course (Advanced Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ )

This course is designed for the foreign beginners who dont have an...

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Daily Chinese - Beginners

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Smile Chinese for Kids

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Daily Chinese - Advanced

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Business Chinese - Advanced

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Courses in Smile Chinese

  • Basic Chinese Courses

    This course is designed for the foreign beginners who don’t have any foundation of Chinese. In order to avoid foreign students’

  • Practical Spoken Chinese

    Our Daily Chinese course follows the ACTFL, CEFR and HSK reference level standards and is divided into three phases with 9 levels

  • Business Chinese

    Our Business Chinese courses have been specifically developed for foreign business people who are looking to develop and improve

  • Chinese for Young Learners

    Our Smile Chinese for Young Learners curriculum has been specifically designed for learners aged 3 - 9 years.

  • Pinyin Made Easy

    This course has been specifically designed for learners with zero-based learning and conducts a comprehensive overview of consonants,

  • Chinese Characters

    Characters are an essential part of Chinese culture and by learning them you get a deeper understanding of the language and in the long

  • Chinese for Tourism

    Our Chinese for Tourism course is specifically designed for students intending to travel to China or improve their Chinese for all aspects of

  • HSK Exams

    China's Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is the standardized national test used to determine the fluency of non-native speakers in Chinese and is

  • Experience Chinese

    This is the only official test for non-native speakers’ Business Chinese level, and it was developed by Peking University at the request of

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+86 411 8282 0606
+86 411 8282 0606