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Study Chinese online from anywhere in the world

We have over five years of experience teaching Chinese to foreign students from all over the world.In this time we have gained a great deal of experience in understanding the specific challenges people face when learning Chinese online.We have developed our own materials,and in particular our own methods,which have proven highly successful in ensuring that our students are confident with communicating in Chinese regardless of their language level.

As long as you have Skype downloaded on to your computer, you and your teacher can arrange class around your existing commitments. We have a dedicated online teaching team ready to teach you Mandarin with our Chinese School Online!

6 Reasons to learn Chinese Online with us!

One on One Teaching

Forget podcasts – we firmly believe that one on one teaching is the most effective way to progress when learning online.

Interactive Classes

We use the latest technology to bring the classroom to you, including video chat and an interactive whiteboard

Progress Reports & Certification

Your regular progress reports and end of course certification will help you to understand how you’re doing in achieving your goals.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with our Learn Chinese Online Program after your first month of classes, we will refund the remaining Program fee. Terms and conditions apply.

Hassle-Free Set Up

Our online classes are all conducted over Skype to reduce hassle of complicated program set up. All you need to do is install Skype!

Flexible Class Times

Perfect if you have a busy schedule. We can arrange classes for whenever you have the time. The best thing is, as its online, you can study anywhere!

Our Online Students

--Our students are based in more than 26 countries across the world and they’re learning Chinese online for a wide range of different reasons.What they have in common is a desire to learn Mandarin Chinese quickly and effectively,in an environment that will help them to meet their individual goals.

--Our students include business people,students,children,complete beginners,fluent speakers,Chinese culture scholars,backpackers,tourists and diplomats.

--If you are interested in trying out our Online program,why not sign up for a free trial class?For any questions on our courses or to find out more on what's in store,contact us and make a start with your online learning!

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