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Chinese Culture

Smile Chinese make you feel the charm of Chinese culture.



Calligraphy is the most important part of Chinese traditional culture as well as the required class that foreign students need to learn in China. Smile Chinese Summer camp will let every foreign Child experience the charm of Chinese calligraphy.

Notes:Winter camp provides all calligraphy tools for students without any other extra fee.The calligraphy works could be collected as the souvenir.

Calligraphy contents:

Four treasures of the Study、Structure of Chinese、characters Calligraphy appreciation、Basic information of Writing brush、Position of holding the brush、Basic strokes

Paper-cutting class

Paper-cutting class is one of Children’s favorite Chinese culture class, winter camp let children do themselves and cut out beautiful things with the help of the teacher.This class will leave unforgettable memories for all the children.   

Notes:All paper-cutting materials will be provided by our school without any other extra fee. The paper-cutting works could be collected for commemoration


Mask Painting

Chinese opera might not be for everyone, but there's no denying that the masks and costumes are beautiful creations. In our mask painting workshop, you'll learn about the meaning behind each mask and ha...


Chinese painting

Chinese brush painting is an important part of Chinese history file. Use the brush, rice paper, ink, color coating, and the teacher teach you all kinds of skills. Draw a taste of Chinese brush painting as a beautiful memory of your life.


Chinese knot

Chinese knot is a traditional Chinese handicraft production, the design is various.It is symbol of happiness, goodliness and peace.The students make Chinese knot with teacher’s advice, experience the fun of craft production, to produce a symbol of goodliness souvenirs.


Pottery making

Pottery making is the most distinctive Chinese culture experience of Smile Chinese, so that the children not only relax the mood after study, but also fully appreciate the artistic style. Put the dirt in your hand, and feel it in your hand, slowly rotating, and eventually become a work of art. And then use the most beautiful colors to draw a pattern of their own. Each stroke, each painting, can let the children continue to surprise, personally experience the Chinese classic ceramic.

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Culture Essence

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