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2017年5月 大连微笑汉语国际教育入驻央企,获百万订单!


微笑汉语国际教育董事长兼大连对外汉语协会常务理事长郑伟先生带领麾下精英团队与某央企大连分公司洽谈合作事宜,近日正式签订合同,全面负责该央企所有人员的外语培训。十年来,微笑汉语国际教育赢得了无数的口碑和赞誉,微笑汉语国际教育在大连合作 的外企有近百家,其中世界五百强企业有数十家,我们由衷感谢来自社会各界的支持与认可,2017微笑汉语国际教育将会继续用认真专业的态度,迎接更多的挑战!

                         Smile Chinese International Education Institute has cooperated with a central enterprise and won the order valuing ONE MILLION RMB

The Chairman of Smile Chinese as well as the Executive Director of Dalian Association of Foreign Languages —— Mr. Zheng Wei led his elite team to discuss the cooperation matters with the Dalian Branch of that central enterprise. Recently, Smile Chinese formally signed the contract with that Branch for taking the overall responsibility for Branch staff’s foreign language training. Over the past decade, Smile Chinese has won numerous reputations and praises as well as cooperated with nearly 100 foreign companies in Dalian, of which there are dozens of the world's top 500 enterprises. Here, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude for the support and recognition of all walks of life. In 2017, our Smile Chinese will continue to confront and overcome more challenges with our constantly serious and professional attitude all along!





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